Timucua - English


ipo1ipov1uproot, transplantdesarraigar, transplantarArte, f11 arrancar Confident2extinguishextinguirArte, f11 arrancar Confident3come out (in a curing ceremony)?salir, quitar, revelarseArte, f11 arrancar Probable4removecfipocobleed, cause blood to flowcomp. of-co4ypo
ipo2ipovconsume, smokebebertabaco niépatileqe nimaiuteBecause I don't consume tobacco, I am without strength.Porque no bebo tabaco estoy desmayadoArte f123The Arte uses the expression beber tabaco, but it is not clear if this refers to smoking, chewing, or some other kind of tobacco consumption. This verb is written épa, ipo, ipa; it is not clear if these variations are merely orthographic or if there is some allomorphic relationship between them.cfiparuconsumeEAT Cr pap-ita, S pap-it (N), OS isti pa:pa 'lion' ('person eater'); H (Gatschet: K) ipapa, Mk: ya:t-ipa-hc-i 'lion (PERSON EAT-er)' (W); Al ipa (H), K i:pa (K); Ct, Cs apa, MCt pa:pa (baby talk). (MJ apa.) [See EAT (1). Two roots, one with one p, one with two, may be involved. Cf. FEED.]comp.ipopitobacco
ipochoipotʃovuproot, transplant
ipocoipokov1bleed, cause blood to flowProbable2pour outcfipo1uproot, transplant extinguish come out (in a curing ceremony)?ypocoipoçocomp. of-co4suffix on adjectival preds
ipopiipopintobaccotabacoArte, f112, 113Confidentcomp. ofipo2consume, smoke
iposiiposiv1stop, remove2removeipoiposypossp. var.hiposi
ipuluipuluv1returnProbable2reply (with hebua)Confidentypulu
ipunuipununlance, spearlanzasp. var.ypunu
ipurucuipurukuvremedy, helpremedioAcu choncosota naipurucunulehe?And what is its remedy?y qual es su remedio? Movilla 1635a:f101v-102r 2.3Probable
iputuvfightsp. var.yputu
iqeiken1mudbarroiqe pahamahouse made of mudcasa de barroArte, f53Confident2ground, soilsuelo, tierraArte, f53Confidentsp. var.yqeCt yakni?
iqeloikelov1fightluchar, lidiarProbable2woundherir, lesionarTentativesp. var.yqelocomp.naqelonodagger, weapon
iqiikivgo up, ascendsubir, ascenderArte f5 has 'go up/ subir'ConfidentyqiiquiAtakapa hiyik- 'upwards'. This is a prefix on verbs in At.comp.naqinoladder
iqibaikibasp. var. ofiqibolaugh, mock
iqiboikibovlaugh, mockreirseThis verb describes some action that one should not do in church, and that candidates for holy vows should not wish to do. It is also used in the story of a heretic who laughed at/mocked his executionersProbableyqibosp. var.iqiba
iqilabaikilabansickenfermoAno iquilabama bueta taca chaleca arecobichica?‎‎For someone who is sick, have you made a separate light or fire?f207Confidentyqilabaiqilaboiquilabaiquilaboyquilaboyqilaboyqilabuoyquilabuosp. var.iqilàbaiqilamayqilauayquilaba
iqilàbaikilàbasp. var. ofiqilabasick
iqilaba pahanhospitalhospitalsp. var.iqilabapahayqilabapaha
iqilamaikilamasp. var. ofiqilabasick
iqiliikilisp. var. ofyqili
iqiliniikilinivdo immediately?Often in contexts where decisive or quick action is discussed. Or possibly this is the passive of a verb iq(u)ile meaning something like 'purify'Tentativesp. var.yqilini