Timucua - English


-leta3letasp. var.-lètasp. var. of-lete1nominalizer
-leta1letavcomps attached to tensed verbsfx1ifIrimi haueleta atulu ni iubue hauele niye suquoniqi mobi cho?When going to war did you bathe yourself in the juice of certain herbs?f132̈ gI 1:1Confident2in order to (after -habe)when it has this sense, the suffix -habe precedes itConfident3if?Tentative4worthy of being (before hemosi)possibly this is the same as -lete nominalizerConfident
-leta2letansfxunknown nominal (?) affix (often after -no)Probableletà
-lètasp. var. of-leta3sp. var. of-lete1
letahaueletahaueAuxmust be (after -no)Probable
-letahaueletahawevModalsfxmust beProbable
-letaniletaninsfxunknown nominal affixunspec. var.-leteni
-lete2leteleta1nPre-determinersfxenclitindefiniteConfident2vsfxenclitfinal at the end of questions (after -no)3vsfxenclitindef subjConfidentletaletèlèteleta
-lete1leteadj > nsfxnominalizerConfidentletasp. var.-leta3
-letenileteniunspec. var. of-letani
-letequaletekʷa1vcomps attached to tensed verbsfxbefore, earlierConfident2at the same time
licencialisensian*license, permission*licenciaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
*licoadj(apparent root for blue, grey)unspec. comp. formlicosomake blue
licofayelikofajenfognieblaArte, f33Confidentsp. var.licosayelicoseyè
licosayesp. var. oflicofayefog
licoseyèsp. var. oflicofayefog
licosolikosovmake bluedar tinte azulnalicosonomathe color blueel tinte azulArte, f51This is given only in the verbal form. It would appear to be based on a root lico, but this morpheme does not appear alone in the corpus.Confidentunspec. comp. form of*lico
limosnalimosnan*charity*limosnaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
Lõginolõginosp. var. ofLonginoLonginus
lonalonan*canvas*lonaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed