Timucua - English


pareparevsewcoserychiqeno parepahamaplace where shoes are madedonde se haze calzadoArte, f130The text at Arte f15 gives the infinitive as parunu, but paru very rarely occurs in the text; the most frequent form is pare.ConfidentparuK ilapallici 'sew on' Cs ittapalli 'sew together'
pariboparibovgo around
parifoparifov1go aroundProbable2accompany
parisoparisovunknown verb, refers to an action that God takes towards Christians living here on earth. Possibly a verb like comfort, reward, or bless.
paritimaadjunknown adj?
parotoparotovunknown verb (injure)?Tentativecfetobo
parucusiparukusinprince, war-prince, kingprincipe, principe de guerra, rey... naquimosima caqi nalimo parucusima atichicolo vna oqùo quenema, [f87] nabaluta chale cosiro chimantaha nimano ......So in this manner you should treat with the King of Heaven if you want to achieve health of the body and soul, ...Conf, f8 1.11Probablesp. var.patucusi
pascuapaskuasp. var. ofpasquaEasterunspec. var. ofpasquaEaster
pasitimopasitimovbe disturbed?Appears only once, in a discussion of the emotions of the Virgin after the Annunciation.Hapax Legomenon-timopart of several verbs, meaning unclear (perhaps full of, characterized by)?
pasquapaskʷan*Easter*PascuaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedPasquasp. var.pascuaunspec. var.pascua
*passapassaadjcomponent of ulipassa 'broken pottery'pasacomp.ulipassabroken pottery
patapatav1down? low? (as part of various verbs and adjectives)Tentativecomp.pataquiladespicable, miserable defeated exhaustedpatasidownwardpatasileserve obey2be combined with
patabopatabov1have sexConfident2burn?Probable3get:closepatabuo
patacuilopatakuilosp. var. ofpataquiladespicable, miserable defeated exhaustedcomp. ofpata 1
*patafiv[part of 'serve']sp. var.*pafileunspec. comp. formpatafilestaservant
patafilestapatafilestanservantunspec. comp. form of*patafisp. var.patasilesta
patalopatalovreach out?Tentative
pataquilapatakʷilaadj1despicable, miserableConfident2defeatedConfident3exhaustedConfidentpataquilopataquipataqùilocomp. ofpata 1down?:low?:(as:part:of:various:verbs:and:adjectives)sp. var.patacuilo
patarapatarantablet (referring to the tablets of the ten commandments)cfpatarabocrucify
patarabopatarabovcrucifyAlthough used almost exclusively for 'crucify' in the text, the underlying meaning is probably something like 'spread out' or 'with the arms spread out'. Confidentcfpataratabletpatarabasp. var.patarabuocomp.patarabonoarms-length