Timucua - English


patarabonopatarabononarms-lengthbraçaBecause to measure things like buildings or canoes, they measure with their arms, saying 'it is one arm-length' pararabono iaha. Arte f8Confidentpataraboncomp. ofpatarabocrucifyCf. Choctaw patha 'wide', patali 'beside'
patarabuosp. var. ofpatarabocrucify
patasipatasindownwardhacia abajopataficomp. ofpata 1down?:low?:(as:part:of:various:verbs:and:adjectives)
patasilepatasilev1serveservir, atender, ayudar aConfident2obeyProbablepatafilecomp. ofpata 1down?:low?:(as:part:of:various:verbs:and:adjectives)
patasilestapatasilestasp. var. ofpatafilestaservantunspec. comp. form of*patafi
patenapatenanPaten (dish on which the eucharist is served)PatenaPatena
pati patipati patiRedupunknown redup
Paticanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
patiropatirovsurroundAcu Angeli chupi acocoma qe chupichiqe metenoleheti, santo inemimate metenoleheti quene, Altari nabamate, Sacerdote, Missa arecotemate quenequa, napatirota nayerota eata there are millions of Angels and Saints in the host, who accompany the Lord, and surround the Priest closely y asisten millares de Angeles, y santos que acompañan al Señor, y cercan y rodean al Sacerdote, Pareja 1627:f046v-047r 1.1minecotama ano nihe, atichicolomima, tocoqeqere, naquana hiti, tuqùe nocomi puquamota napatirota aboma, mihabety, anecososiromanta eatamala §Al salir el anima del cuerpo, que la estã aguardando los Demonios, para impedirla, por muy justa que sea: porq̃ solo à la Virgen Maria se le concediò esta gracia, que no los viese.First, when a dead person's soul comes out, without delay a truly enormous group of devils surround it and they want to prevent it from going to heaven.Pareja 1627:f051r-051v 1.2This verb is often in collocation with another verb nahiero, also apparently meaning 'surround'synnahieroProbablecfnahiero
patupatuvbe coldheladaCaqipilana patupuqunipatula.I was very cold last night.Esta noche he tenido mucho frio.Arte f138Confident
patu hutapatu hutavfrozenArte, f34 eladaConfident
patucusipatukusisp. var. ofparucusiprince, war-prince, king
peccado1pekkadonsinpecadosp. var.peccado2
peccado2pekkadosp. var. ofpeccado1sin
pechepetʃesp. var. ofpechocohut, barn, inferior house
pechererecapetʃererekanfloor of buildingsuelo de edificioSpecialSpecial word typesPendingcfpechocohut, barn, inferior house
pechocopetʃokonhut, barn, inferior houseIn compound with paha 'house', this word is used once to refer to the place where Jesus was born (a stable) and once to a shack (Span choza).cfpechererecafloor of buildingsp. var.peche
peepeethrowing? downward?Tentativepèepêe
peemopeemovmove downward (bow, prostrate)This word often is used in translations of arrodillar 'kneel', but seems to mean something more like 'lower oneself', 'bow', or 'prostrate' in Timucua.Confidentpêemopèemosp. var.poomo1
pelepelevperform a ceremony?Tentative
penanipenanin1tonguelengua2.1BodyConfident2flame (with taca)
penitenciapenitensian*penitence*penitenciaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
peqe1pekev1put, place, leave2hangcolgar