Timucua - English


tapolatapolanmaize; cornmaízProbablesp. var.tapoloTawasa chesapà
tapolosp. var. oftapolamaize corn
tapotimotapotimovunknown verb (coming out?)Probablecomp. of-timopart of several verbs, meaning unclear (perhaps full of, characterized by)?
taqebosotakebosovverb of unknown meaningHapax Legomenon
taqitaqi1takitakiRedupsound of thundertaqisp. var.taqitaqi2
taqitaqi2takitakisp. var. oftaqitaqi1
taquatakʷavbecome?Piqicha iyoquamano mine Iesu Christo, vna oquomile taquata nocomicoco Diosileta anoleta, mosonima nantela. The other seven pertain to the humanity of Jesus Christ, truly God1612 Cat 1:2Probableta vqua
taqualalabaRedup Adjdirty?
taquosotakʷosovprovide, give?Tentativesp. var.tacuoso
tarabotarabovsmotherAcatala fano isticosota aruquico, iquine natarabosota chiqe nihibi?By lying badly across the bed and putting your arm on top, have you suffocated the unborn child?Conf, f1 1.1Appears only twice, both times in the context of smothering a child, and used with the causative affix -so.Probable
Taraconpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
tarecanitarekanivbe patientConfident
taritariadjbe strongArte f12, Gr. tari 'substain, strength, force, strong; worker, laborer'Confidentcomp.tarisosustainyabitari
Tarinpropname of a river9.7.2Name of a place
tari tari1tari tariRedupstronglyProbabletaritaritari tarì
tari tari2tari tariRedupbe strongtari
Tarihicancomponent of a mission name9.7.2Name of a place
tarinatarinavwitnesstestigoNayuchamima anotarinanino acunapaloco sonino aco naini himile lenoleheti. The second, by making the marriage contract has witnesses, and especially that the own Curate or rector, or parish priest is found, or how we wanted to name him. La segunda, que al hacer el contrato del Matrimonio haya testigos, y especialmente que se halle el proprio Cura, ò Rector, ó Parroco, ò como quisieremos nombrarle. Movilla 1635a:f083r-083v 3.3Probable
tarisotarisovstrengthenProbablecomp. oftaribe strong-so 1caus
tariticataritikaRedupfrighteningIudiomichu oto oyococo fata istamonima, imemi ocotoqe eneboqe niosetecotacu, palocoba acoleta fata tariticatela, hiti yanquamano hitiholata michu, camasela qeqi viro fata niocotebotemano chitacõte? ... one demon said "Who is that man who is located there hearing us?"The Jew was in a corner, hearing and seeing all of it with the greatest fear. One of the little devils said to the big devil that there was a man there...many little devils went, and looking at him with attention, they returned as if fleeing with great speed, and said that he was a Jew, but that he was so closed off and defended by the Cross that they did not dare to bring him or touch himEl Iudio estava en un rincon, con grandissimo miedo, viendolo, y oyendolo todo: Un diablillo de aquellos dijo al diablo mayor, como estava alli aquel hombre, ### que mirasen quien era, y se le trajesen, fueron mucho diablillos, y mirandole con atencion, volvieron como huyendo con grande priessa, y dixeron, que era un Iudio, mas que estava tan cercado y defendido de Cruze que no se atrevieron a traerle, ni tocar a el.Movilla 1635a:f148r-151r 3.1Hapax Legomenon
-tarutaruvsfxdesired outcomeProbable
tasi1tasivputponerChabeta tasihano?Donde o en que lo he de poner?Arte f14 11.1Probable
tasi2tafihusband's brother brother-in-law
tatubolovthresh?Used once in the description of preparing grainHapax Legomenon