Timucua - English


yochajotʃasp. var. ofyuchaboth two
yoco yocojoko jokoRedupbe fearfulsp. var.yocoyoco
yocono hebajokono hebav1make excuses2blame (with na-)sp. var.yocono hebuayoconohebua
yocono hebuayokono hebʷasp. var. ofyocono hebamake excuses blame (with na-)
yoconohebuayokonohebʷasp. var. ofyocono hebamake excuses blame (with na-)
yocoyocojokojokosp. var. ofyoco yoco
yofovcome away from?Used once in a description of how Christ's arms were tied to the cross so that they would not come away from the nails.Hapax Legomenon
yohojohovaid? help?Probable
yohosinjohosinvruncorrerArte f18This verb presumably ends in a vowel, but the only examples in the corpus show apocope before -te/-ta.Confident
yolanocomijolanokominsnake sp.comp. ofiyolasnakenocomitruly true
yomanijomaniv1feel horror/hatred/repugnanceNaquene hemosima hiti nuquesiba yabocabama ayanafaquatasiba anocumenaricatileta yò manda And as the demons are such cruel enemies and fierce thieves,...Y como los Demonios ∫on ta<n> crueles enemigos, ladrones ƒieros, 1627 Cat 1.17halisilamichu, yiniheti yininomima naquana orobininoma yniheti isticocobama nocomitana yomanino acoleqe The boy then began to confess such enormous sins and misdeeds, Without delay, the young man [began to] confess his sins. His sins were truly evil and repugnant (?) Conf, f1 1.4santo yahaleta ytuhuta Diosima natamalota ano yniheti inta anoletequa chamanta iniheti nini sibalemanta chamanetina nihitema ynta hachinaramita moninco enehale mobiletequa mahatana yomanino,§ And it is that a saint, in praying, begged God with much insistence that he may hold it good to show him how much sorrow those that died without contrition and pain of their sins suffered.Conf, f7 1.2This appears in contexts that suggest a meaning like 'feel horror/hatred/repugnance'. In the 1627 Catechismo yo or is written as a separate word.Probable2feel astonishmentyòmanmanicomp. ofyocomponent of yomanimaniwant consent think pardon recognize repent (with cha) teach swear (with juramentoma camoqi) happy, delight (with isaco) understand thank (with quoso) love (with ho)sp. var.yoo mani
yoojoosp. var. ofyocomponent of yomani
yoo manijoo manisp. var. ofyomanicomp. ofyomani
yoquajokʷa1adjotherArte, f12v Confident2question finalArte, f12v Confidentyoqoaiyoquayyoquaioquayioquasp. var.iòquayuquacomp.oyoquaanother person
yoquana pirama jokʷana pirama v[often appears before orobini 'confess']
yorobajorobanvipervíbora, culebraArte f53Confidentcomp.iyolayorabaviper
yosetimovexhausted?One of the verbs used to describe Christ's exhaustion on the Via DolorosaTentative
yosojosoadjcareful? diligent? enthusiastic?Yosotimaquade tibieçaArte, f139Confident
yoso yosoRedupunknown redupyoso
Ypajanpropname of a town?9.7.2Name of a place
Ypenpropname of a town?9.7.2Name of a place
ypelosp. var. ofipelo2break into pieces
yperuquaiperukʷasp. var. ofiperuquadrive away, frightenunspec. comp. form of-qua4