eaeaeav1live, dwell (usually plural subject); exist, be seatedhaber, quedarhachipile carema Paraysoma eatelahacu orobisinoma canata enemoheti ayepuqua etecotechulahacu enemo habeleta mucu canamotiacu, §Lit:The animals lived in Paradise, but they lack wisdom and will not see; the trees stand but they lack eyes to see.1627 Cat 1.2tuquita eatela, there is a group of peopleArte, f16; Arte f132eatamalaay estan (Ahi están?)Arte, f61uti eatamacaSit down!Asentaos! Arte f132eyamohecoteIt might be that they stay therePodrá ser que se quiera quedar allá o si se queda, mas que se quedeArte f120vArte, f16; Arte f132Confident2marryEahabelenaqe toomana patabosinino chuquosachica?After being engaged to marry, how many times did you have sexual intercourse?Despues que os cõncertastes para casaros quantas veces aueys tenido copula?Conf, f2 1.1Confident3perform a ceremonysupplfasp. var.eiabe, act as?eya

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