chuatʃuanholehoyoArte f33, f53ConfidentcfnachuaYbichuaibinpropcomp.AquilachuaName of a lake/sinkholeaquilanpropAfanochuacomp.afanotʃuanpropname of a lake/sinkhole9.7.2Name of a placetilipachuacomp.tilipatʃuanwindowucuchuacomp.ukutʃuasp. var.vchuchuavcuchuvcuchuban1doorElamano anomirica carososi botelahacu anocote paha oyo echeta ucuchuacare quachabosota homonincono, mine iquimileqe caro echesihetila‎The sun illuminates (causes to be clear) all people, but if any person enters in house and shuts all the doors, it is that person's fault that he will not be illuminated (enter clear).2ceremonyUsichuacomp.usitʃuanpropName of a lake/sinkhole9.7.2Name of a placeUsiparachuacomp.usiparatʃuanpropname of a lake/sinkhole9.7.2Name of a placeutichuacomp.utitʃuancavePilachuacomp ofnpropname of a river

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