mocamokanseamarLeon mocama paqi Barbaria mononco, itimilenota hibatequa maytines ofonoma iniqe enenincono ticopaha iquo inibitileta osobononco maha iribite acoleta ibine ofonoma mitetichu mota mitaqe ano chocolo hebanconoso omotaqe ita itaqe itimileno michunu. In the sea of Lyons on the island of Barbaria, a monk, after having said the morning missa, perceived a vessel which seemed to fly rather than to move on the waters. He heard in it great shouting of people; when the monk inquired with loud voice "who they were?"Conf, 81 1.1Elamate, acumate, chubobomate, mocamate, anomate, acamate, hachibueno eyomate Diosi areconteti?Didn't God also make the sun, moon, stars, sea, people, air, and other things?Didn't God also make the air, the water, the rocks, men, and all the other things?No a hecho tambien Dios al ayre, el agua, las piedras, los hombres, y todas las de mas cosas?Movilla 1635a:f009r 1.2Probablesp. var.mòca

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