ibitaibitanriverrioMocama ibinemimaque tocotema ibitaco camaco, aqùeco nubalaco, camaseco puypuyco, tilonoco quentecotacu mocamano canatorale, maninoletilenimaqui, mosima mine Diosi graciamima, anoreqema, nabarasotecote, mine tera nebeleca, toomalenechule. Lit:Coming from the waters of the sea are the rivers and water, and aque and lakes and springs and wells; but the sea is not lacking [water]. [In the same way] God's grace covers each person.From the sea flow all the rivers and springs, and it is not diminished by this, nor does the water from the sea run out. Hymnus Divi Ambrosii, Magnae Deus pontentia &c Thus like this with all benefitting from the water of grace of this infinite sea of goodness and smoothness of God does not diminish.Del Mar, salen todos los Rios y fuentes, y no por esso se di sminuye, ni falta el agua del Mar, Hymnus Diui Ambrosij, Magnæ Deus potentia, &c. Pues aßi participãdo todos del agua de la gracia deste Mar infinito de bondad, y suauidad de Dios no se desminuye. Sumptus non consumitur.Pareja 1627b:f024r 1.1Confidentsp. var.ybitaTawasa wiéottcomp.IvitachucoIvitanayo

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