pacu1pakuv1close (the mouth, the eye)cerrar... minehitima nayutusuta qu eny heromanda alifotelahacu tanaquosono letanimanacu minenacu mucu pacutanima isticonebeleca, vna chiconamosileqe ene hauetileta nasotela ...and this sin is so abominable that according to important authors the Devil who incites this sin and orders it as the enemy of chastity, honesty, and cleanliness, and lover of all "torpeza", with all this, at the time of commiting it, he closes his eyes so as not to see something so ugly and abominable.y es tan abominable este pecado que segun graves Autores el Demonio que incita este pecado y lo procura como enemigo de la castidad, honestidad, y limpieza y amador de todo torpeza con todo esso al tiempo del cometerle se tapa los ojos por no ver tal a surdo y torpeza.The devil incites it and wants it, but when it is done, he closes his eyes [because] it is a great sin and he does not want to see it.Conf, f1 2.1Caqi Sacramento naorobininomano hytima nipita pacusta §From this sacred confession, the mouth of the devil is closedConf, f3 1.1nipita pacustela Diosi mucuquama naquenele§ to close the mouth before GodConf, f5 1.2Ona nipita pacusinihauela naquentema§ the mouths will be closedConf, f5 1.8Confident2be closed (of hands)pacus

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