eca1ekav1teachenseñarChristiano care qiemichuna hibota hanima equelareqe Diosi pahama ituhu, masibota hebano ecasibota maca.Christians must teach their children the words to pray each day in God's house.Teaching... the fathers and mothers to teach their sons and daughters well and make them go every day to the church to pray for them and pour holy water on their graves.Aprendando.. los Padres, y Madres a enseñar bien a los hijos y hijas y hazerles ir cada dia a la Yglesia a reçar por ellos, y echar agua bendita en sus sepulturas.Movilla 1635a:f156-157 1.5dial. var.icafight quarrelConfident2bringProbable3takeProbable4be against (with emoqua)Confident5joinConfidentcficafight quarreldial. var. ofeca1 1ecsp. var.heca1pl 'we, us, our' this? you (pl)

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