paha eyapaha ejanpeople of your housegente de tu casa... paha eyamate ocotomo hero mane hebuasi buota ininotera chiqe nainta equela na hurusumita mosotema bohota Dios hobuasota ysotele manino natolobuosonta nanasotela ona quenema fiestama nayalesta santificalesta caniqueniha mantela....and who makes those in his house go to hear it, and he who rests, and takes delight in holy works, shows the faith and love that he has for God...y haze yr a los de su casa a oyrla, y el que las huelga, y gasta en sanctas obras, muestra la fe y amor que tiene a Dios.1612 Cat 2.1Siqisononco ynibatelesiro mantaqe quoneti quani masibintimate paha eiamanamastanimo satilenima chanimantela.You repent for not having corrected your children and those other that are in your house when they they spoke glibly.Pesate de no haver corregido a tus hijos y a los demas que estan en tu casa quando hazen desembolturas.Conf, f1 1.1Occurs in two passages which talk about moral responsibility for those living in the addressee's house.Probablepaha eia

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