abo2abo1nhigh locationubicacion altaConfidentcomp.abopahacorn cribaboquahonorabotocohigh pitch (with cuna)2nheavencieloCaqi abo, ano eatema, chi ahodelesibotanchu, nàna, ocorosota, Dios areconima, yanqua Capitani chieta ano, yayileta, aricoqe virosa teracocoleta, minesimi eneqe anoterunumate naquenta, yayiletenomate naquenta mosota mine, yayi, nechenomaqua, ano, aneqetileta, ano, acochatileta. The fall of Lucifer and its consequences and how they were thrown from Heaven and landed in hell, and how through envy we will not enjoy what he left. And so one taught that there were many Gods here in Florida, as in other parts of the heathen world, and because of this, Lucifer sent demons from hell made captains, saying "Look well, you see that I am imprisoned in this sentence, so I cannot go; go work people and with trickery bring them to me here, for it is not fair that they go there to the place that I fell from, since they are so wretched and I am so fine" (thus says Saint Vincent Ferrer en La Dueña)¶ LA CAYDA DE LVCIFER, Y sus sequaces, y como fueron alançados del Cielo, y desterrados al infierno: y como por embidia que no vamos à gozar lo que el dexò. Y por eso enseñò auer muchos Dioses, aßi en la Florida como en todas partes de la gentilidad, y para esto embia Lucifer desde el infierno Demonios hechos Capitanes para esto, diziendo, Bien veis que estoy en estas penas preso, y pues yo no puedo yr, yd vosostros à hazer gente, y con engaños traedmelos aqui, q<ue> no es justo que vayan allà de donde yo cay, pues son miseros, y yo tan noble. etc. aßi lo dize S<an> Vicente Ferrer en la D<ue>ña.Lit:I previously told you about the the ones who lived in heaven ... when God made them all together, he made one Captain who was a strong person, a very handsome and good man.. he looked at himself [?] as good and strong... and he was a proud and haughty personPareja 1627a:f013r-15v 1.1Confident3adjtall, giantConfident4naboveabuoavohabuoabòH (S), Mk amb-i 'high' (DM), abAt-i 'high' (Sm: abunti); Al abayli, aba:li (L), abahli (H), aba (in compounds) (H), K aba (K); Ct aba, Cs aba'.

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