abeyahinoabejahinonunknown noun, probably referring to some kind of trouble or difficultyQueniqe Diosima Adanimate, Euamate hity matequenequa anoyahareqe nacalubosonima ahosta, naquana nayoba Parayso vtiteracoco michu hono vlaca cumota fatema narutuquatamoqe vti eyo vtibeqetaco, poro poroco, abeyahinoco, ypèlaco, apacha isticocumota fatema cheyabohaue. So when God had pronounced the sentence to Adam, Eve, and the Devil, then he ordered Adam to leave Paradise, and he gave him .. the land there in front of him, that he work on it all the days of his life, and earn his living in that way Pues auiendo Dios pronunciado la sentencia à Adam, y Eua, y al Demonio, luego le mandò salir à Adam del Parayso, y le diò ora tierra alli de frente del, y que lalabrase todo el tiempo de su vida con que la trabajase, y aßi mereciese el sustento in laborib<us> comedes ex ea Gen<esis> 3. & in sudore tuo. &c.1627 Cat 1.1This is always coordinated with ipe or ipela, and seems to refer to some kind of trouble or difficulty.Tentative

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