hiocomohiokomovgreetsaludar...Dios isomitonomano Itimile nocaremichu, huasobaqua, nahiocomobota, Acu orabaqua nahiocomobontela, ...the most holy Virgin, Mother of God, also greeted the priests with much love and happiness....la Virgen Santissima Madre de Dios saludava tambien a los Padres con mucho amor y alegria. Movilla 1635a:f163v-164 1.2Minecate nubatimasta hiocomomala. and they also greeted him.y ellas tambien le saludaron. They also showed respect to himMovilla 1635a:f157-161 2.2This verb is used to translate 'hail' in traditional prayers like the Ave Maria.Probablecomp.Santa Maria Diosima ano hioco mopononelaAve Maria (prayer)

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