cumekume1nheart, chest, soulcorazón, pecho, almaDiosi hebuanoma nemoqua mico nocomina queni heco quenetilehecomanta cumeleno oyoye nabayitimobicho?Have you had any doubt or wavering of faith within your chest?As tenido algua duda o bacilacion de la Fè dentro de tu pecho?(Conf, f122) Perhaps the basic meaning is 'heart' and the many meanings derive from the surrounding words. Arte f40Confidentcomp.cume manichimercy?cumechebebe disturbedcumehimatimeek, sweet-temperedcumehiotemptcumehulitimocumemeapeaceful?cumenalicumenuyavirgincumepalilust consider? desirecumepuchuhumble?cumequochaste?cumerucuchicumesacourteouscumetitidisturbedunspec. comp. formcumeca2lewdness, wickedness (with the verbs pali and eca)Confident3vdevotion, love?tener devocion por? amar?Probable4vdesire, wish?desear, anhelarProbable5ntempt (with hio)Confident6vunderstand, perceive (with areco)percibir, entender, darse cuenta deConfident7vbelieve, come to believeThis expression has the sense of 'believe for the first time, come to realize, come to believe'.Confident8nlove (with mani)Confident9nfaithful (with caqueni)Confident10nvoluntarily (with areco)11nconsider (with areco)sp. var.cumacomp.cumequeyabe meekcumesticosad

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