mitomitov1becomeThe core meaning is something like 'become X', where X is a kinship termcomp ofaramitopahamito1.1vrelated by marriagecomp ofnasimitamother-in-law, father-in-lawnubuomitafather-in-lawtafimitahusband's brotheryamemitasister-in-law1.2vadopt as childAcu christiano teracare, qiemitobontela, ona iquimileqe Dios ite muenoletela.And good Christians are his adopted children, indeed for them, God is called Father.also because he is Father of all the good people, not by birth, but by adoption, and finally because he is father of all creatures, neither by birth nor by adoption, but because he created them.2receive (grace)?Probable3take?tomar, llevar, coger, ocuparProbablemitamitòcomp ofhamimito

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