ini1iniv1beser, estar, existir,encontrarseulaya, ano istitima intela.Your daughter is a great beauty‎‎tu hija es gran vellacaArte f021Confident2commit (e.g. sins, virtuous deeds)cometer, perpetrar, hacerIniheti inino inibinaco himano ihiribama terati ininoma intanaye heqete acu andamate quenequa cha chimanihateno chachimate?‎‎‎For all the sins that you have commited now and before now, you must repent. Do you repent?‎‎‎De todos los peccados que has cometido agora y antes de agora te ha de pessar pessate?Conf, f119Confidentcomp.ineteratievil deedininosin deed3do (work)hacer, realizar, cumplirCaqi Dios manda cumeleta hebuanima ofuenoma chiyquitosotala houasota ininomano hachaqueninoma nina inina cocoleta habue?‎‎‎Concerning the first commandment, I ask you, what does the love of God oblige us to do?‎‎‎Sobre el primer mandamiento, os pregunto, a que nos obliga el amor de Dios?1612 Cat, f55v-56rConfident4suffer, undergosufrir, padecer, aguantarConfidentinineyneynniyniinasp. var.ynycomp.iniheti ininocommission of a sininiheti intemasinner

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