abopaha entry with numbersDictionary Entries explained


In the entry above, the numbered parts correspond to

  1. The main lexical form, in its most common spelling
  2. The probable pronunciation
  3. The part of speech
  4. The English gloss
  5. The Spanish gloss
  6. One or more examples of the lexical item in context
  7. The source for the example sentence
  8. The confidence ranking for the entry.  The scale of rankings used is
    1. Confident -- many examples of this word, or a few clear examples
    2. Probable -- most likely meaning of the word, but some doubt as to its exact meaning remain
    3. Tentative -- a word (usually uncommon) which does not occur enough times for its meaning to be stated with more confidence.  The suggested meaning is consistent with the examples, but may change with more investigation.
    4. Hapax Legomenon -- a word that occurs only once in the corpus
  9. Variant spellings of the word
  10. Components of the word (for entries that are morphologically complex)