Thanks and acknowledgments

Many thanks are due to those who have contributed to this dictionary.

In particular I thank my 2018 Timucua class (Helaire Echo-Hawk, Alli Fuijmoto, Estefania Baranger, Andrea Arseneau, Noella Handley, Mosiah Bluecloud, Clinton Parker, Nelson Santiago, and Abraham Nygren) for helpful suggestions and comments. I thank Michael Stoop, Christopher Muntzner, Alex Webber, Anna Bjorklund, Chait Singh, Sara Carruthers, Martin Melgar, Seth Katenkamp, Ana Rodriguez, Karen Burgos, Natasha Kelly, Joshua Killingsworth, Jennifer Sierra, and Michael Springthorpe for their contributions to the Timucua database project.
I also thank Ingo Mittendorf, Nicky Lesbirel and Mark Dixon for comments on entries in this dictionary.