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ning /niŋ³¹/ prt 助词 optative (marking requests, desires, intentions) 吧(愿望态) | ngei geuq ning. I am telling you (him, her). 我说给你(他/她). | nga lang rang ning. I'll look for you. 我会找你. | (四乡)peut vsvng sheu saqdeu taq greung gol, ta vsvng sheu ding ning mitsheu. The person talking should make it so vivid that the person listening will think about going. 要尽量说得生动一些,使听的人想去. | Used by first-person speaker, in sentence-final position = neu +-ng. 在句尾,用于第一人称(说话人)= neu +-ng. | (First Township) yeung /jɯŋ³¹/
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