kya /cɑ⁵³/ v 1accomplish, be able (completive) 得了(能做) | nga di mvkyang. I can't walk. 我走不动了. | lu svkya bring something over (应该)拿过来 | nga loq svkya. I have to get back. 我得回去. | dop kya very formidable 很厉害 | vcvng mvkya can't fit people 坐不下人 2happen 发生 3reach (time, age etc.) 到(时间、年龄) | nga vpei dvgeu cal ning kya. My father is ninety years old. 我的父亲到了九十岁. | vteum neu vhreui kya sa. By then it was evening. 到了晚上. 4get sick 生病 | ze kya vcvng leper 麻风病人

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