taq /tɑʔ³¹/ prt 助词 resultative (cause) 致使(让) | nga gyoq shaq taq oo lung. Someone got my clothing all wet. (某人)把我的衣服弄湿了. | vng mvdvm le ngang taq oo! Get him to come up here. 让他爬了上来. | vng ngeu taq senq. I beat him until he cried. (我)把他打哭了. | Preceding main verb must be volitional, or morphological causative is used. Often has a negative or dissatisfied connotation. 前一个动词只能是自主动词,通常表示负面的结果. | (First Township) hreq /xrɛʔ⁵⁵/

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