a /ɑ⁵³/ 1interj 感叹 okay (expresses agreement or recognition) 唉(表示答应) | a, nga mvding. Okay, I won't go. 唉,我不去了. 2interj 感叹 ah (expresses surprise) 噢(表示惊讶) | a, vtvng nvchung e? Hm? What are you saying? 噢,你说什么啊? 3interj 感叹 oh (used to make a deliberate pause) 啊(用来做故意停顿) | nvng a, na manvdi a? Nang, are you going or not? 娜啊,你去吗? 4prt 助词 question 吗(疑问) | matvtei saqdeu ra, a? Is it really interesting? 是不是很有趣?

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