la- /lɑ³¹/, /lɑʔ⁵⁵/ v jussive (indirect directive) 祈使式(说话人建议或希望第三方进行或不进行某种动作) | vng la'ip. (You should) put him to sleep. 让他睡吧(我希望). | vng ewa laqmvgeuq. (I'd rather) you not let him speak that way. 别让(我不希望)他那样说. | vng laqmamvdeum wa. (Someone said) he shouldn't go back. (某人说)他别返回去了. | Often followed immediately by negative marker. laq- is used before two-syllable and already prefixed verbs. 常常加否定词在后面.laq- 用在双音节动词(包括其他语法前缀)前.

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