meu /mɯ³¹/ prt 助词 1perfective non-visual (daytime occurrence) 完成体(白天完成或发生,兼表非亲见意义) | Pung zaai meu. Pung got sick (as I discovered upon my return). 阿普生病了(早上还好好的,我回来发现他病了). 2mirative evidential (discovery of result) 发现体(结果) | vng (tvnni) gyoq jvl meu. He washed clothes (today, as I saw from the clothes hanging up). 她今天洗衣服了. | vya pvgyvnggyvng meu. Just go have a look, just have a look. 你去看看一下. | geu svraqsheu meu, tvng nvso. They might have been feeling a little ashamed, you know? 他们可能是感到惭愧,你知道吗?

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