This Tudaga dictionary of Chad is designed as a multilingual reference tool for speakers of Tudaga as well as French, Arabic and English.

Tudaga [tuq] is classified as Nilo-Saharan, Saharan, Western, Tebu. It is spoken by 28,500 people who mainly reside in the Borkou, Ennedi-Ouest, and Kanem regions in addition to the Tibesti region: Bardai area. Total users number 55,570; many are found in Libya. The group is semi-nomadic.

Alternate names to refer to the language are Tedaga, Tebou, Tebu, Teda, Teda-Daza, Tibbu, Toda, Todaga, Todga, Toubou, Tubu, and Tuda. Most of the speakers of Tudaga also use Dazaga [dzg] and many speak Chadian Spoken Arabic [shu]. Linguists have studied this language and a grammar has been produced.