The Tunebo uw cuwa Alphabet


There are 19 letters:


a b c ch e h i j m n o q r s t u w w̃ and y

The Tunebo-to-English part of the dictionary is arranged alphabetically according to the above order.

La parte del diccionario Tunebo-español está ordenada alfabéticamente de acuerdo con el orden anterior:

In the Tunebo uw cuwa alphabet, the letters are pronounced as in Spanish, with some variations, namely:
When the c is followed by a consonant, it sounds like ‘g’.
Example: bijacro ‘went’.
The ch sounds softer than in Spanish.
Example: chocha ‘basket’.
The h stands for a slight occlusion of the glottis.
Example: taha. ‘forked stick’.
When r appears in initial position or after n, it sounds like ‘dr’. but softer.
Example: ruwa ‘meat’.
The s sounds smoother than in Spanish.
Example: asa ‘I’.
The w sounds like ‘w’, in the English word ‘with’.
Example: witira ‘beam’.
The w̃ sounds like ‘w’, but with nasalized pronunciation.
Example: aw̃ata ‘bed’.