Tunica- English


la1v.I.intrto get to be dusk8. of the day8.3.3.2Dark1.1.1Sun2v.I.intrto get to be night8. of the day8. set (of the sun) of the day8.3.3.2Dark1.1.1Sun
la-pfxREDUP for 'laka' - "used to live"
lachuv.I.tr1to cultivate crops6.2.2.2Plow a field6.2.4Tend a field6.2.3Plant a field6.2.1Growing crops2to hoe6.6.6Working with land6.2.1.3Growing vegetables6.2.2.2Plow a field6.2.4Tend a field6.2.4.2Uproot plants7.8.6Dig
lahiv.T.trto get burned5.5.4Burn2.5.3Injure
lahka1v.I.intrto joke4.2.8Humor2v.I.intrto peek2.3.1.1Look3v.I.trto spy on2.3.1.1Look4v.I.trto tell a joke on4.2.8Humor
lahkapolahkapo1v.I.intrto peep; to peek2.3.1.1Look2v.I.trto spy on2.3.1.1Look3v.I.trto peek at2.3.1.1Look
lahkuv.II.tr1to douse1.3.2.2Pour1.3.4Be in water1.3.3Wet2to submerge7. in1.3.4Be in water3to wet thoroughly7.3.2.6Put in1.3.4Be in water1.3.3Wet
lahoniadjearly8. of the day
lahonitohkulahoni-tohkuadvearly8. of the day
lahpa11v.I.trto land (a boat) by water2v.I.trto land (a plane) in space7.2.4.3Fly7. pile up7.5.9.1Load, pile
lahpa21v.II.trto scald8.3.4Hot2.5.3Injure2v.T.trto get scalded8.3.4Hot2.5.3Injure
lahpa3v.II.trto slap2.5.3Injure7.7.1Hit
lahpa41adjstriped8. color, marking8. color, marking8. spot, to make spotted8. color, marking8.
lahpi1v.I.tr1to put on (shoes)5.3.7Wear clothing2.1.3.2Leg2to wear (on the foot)5.3.7Wear clothing2.1.3.2Leg
lahpi2adjworn (on the feet)5.3.7Wear clothing2.1.3.2Leg
lahtɛpala-tɛpanadvevery night8. time
lahtɛpanla-tɛpanadvevery night8. time
laka1vthey live, dwellThis verb is ONLY used with plural third person (they). There are no other acceptable forms of the verb.5.9Live, stay
laka2v.st1to have6.8.1.1Own, possess2to possess, own7.4Have, be with6.8.1.1Own, possess
laka3v.I.intrto spawn1.6.3Animal life cycle1.6.4Animal actions
laka41v.TR.m.Ito frost1.1.3.4Snow, ice2nfrost
lakashmelinpropOpelousas Indians9.7.1.4Tribal names
lakashmelinuhchilakashmelinuhchinOpelousas woman9.7.1.4Tribal names2.6.5.2Woman
lakashmelishilakashmeli-shi1nOpelousas man2.6.5.1Man9.7.1.4Tribal names
lalahkinwild goose1.6.1.2Bird