Tunica- English


ma11v.I.intrto inquire2v.I.trto ask for
ma2pronounyou (m.)
MaG-S var. ofma'anunspec. var. ofma2
ma'anG-S var.Maunspec. var. ofma2pronounyou (2MS.indepPro)
mahchiv.I.trto pick (cotton)
mahka1adjexpensive; high in price
mahka21v.stto love2v.st.ito fall in love3adjdear
mahka3G-S var. ofmahka2
mahkini2unspec. var. ofmahkinaunspec. var. ofmahkini1adjdeep
mahkiniworumahkini1woruv.I.trto researchdeep learning
mahoni11adjcommon; ordinary; of the general run2advjust; merely; simply
maka1ngrease, oil, fat2adjfat3nlard
makasamamakasamansoapcooked grease
makiv.II.trto plow
maku1v.I.intrto chew2v.I.trto chew something
mali1v.II.trto shake one's head
mali21v.I.trto be in league with2to obtain supernatural power3v.II.trto teach, give supernatural power4nwitch-root (herb)
malit'ɛnscarlet tanager
malitohkunred-eyed vireo or painted bunting (nonpareil)
-mansfxand; coordinator of clauses
mariv.I.tr1to gather2to obtain3to pick up or off
maru1v.I.intrto go back, turn back2v.II.trto return (money)