Tunica- English


wachi1v.I.intrto fight4.8.2Fight2v.I.trto fight, to fight with4.8.2Fight
wachuv.II.trto pull out7.3.2.7Take something out of something
wahav.I.intr1to cry3.5.6.5Cry, tear2to bawl3.5.6.5Cry, tear3to weep3.5.6.5Cry, tear2.6.6.4Mourn4to yelp1.6.4.3Animal sounds5to honk (of geese) sounds6to neigh1.6.4.3Animal sounds7to utter its characteristic sound1.6.4.3Animal sounds
wahka1v.T.intrto break, crack7.8.1Break7.8.2Crack2v.I.intrto crack, break7.8.1Break7.8.2Crack3v.I.trto break off, to break something7.8.1Break5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation
wahkat'ɛ-t'ɛ3nloggerhead turtle1. wahka
waka11v.I.intrto command4.5.3.2Command2v.I.intrto give orders4.5.3.2Command3adja linguistic term for imperative verb formsabbreviated w9.4.3.1Imperative
waka21v.II.trto fell (of a tree) (of a tree)
waka31v.I.intrto topple over (of its own accord) topple it over7.3.1.4Knock over7.3.2.9Push3v.II.trto throw it down7.3.2.9Push
wala11v.I.intrto split (itself)This verb can also be Class II, but Class I is preferred.7.8.2Crack2v.II.trto split something7.8Divide into pieces3v.II.trto cleave7.8Divide into pieces
wala2unspec. var. ofwarato split lengthwise (causative)7.8Divide into pieces
wali1to call3. of a thing
-wansfxin order to
-wan yavsfx1to try"ya" is a verb that takes a subject2to start to
wana1v.T.intrto burn5.5.4Burn2v.II.trto burn, to burn up5.5.4Burn3v.T.trto have a fever2.5.6.2Fever
*wanav.st1to want, desire3.2.7.1Hope3.3Want2to be willing3.3.2.4Willing3to want to ___, supplied by the preceeding verb3.3Want
wantahaadv1in ancient times8., not new8.4.5.2Before2formerly8.4.5.2Before3long ago8.4.6.2Past8.4.5.2Before
warav.II.trto split7.8Divide into pieces
waru1v.II.trto pull up7.3.2.8Pull7.3.2.4Lift2v.I.intrto pull oneself up7.3.2.8Pull
wasangarfish species (medium size)
washa1adj1plain8.3.8.1Simple, plain2smooth8.3.2.1Smooth3unmarked8.3.8.1Simple, plain
washa2v.II.trto smooth8.3.2.1Smooth