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çynlykn1truthfulness, veracity2reliability, authenticityhabaryň çynlygyreliability of the news
çyňsamakvto whimper, whine, squeal, screechIt çyňsaýar.The dog is whimpering.
çypparticlequite, veryçyp ýalaňaçquite bare
çyracflampan1lamp, light, torchasma çyrafixed lampel çyrasytorch2electricityÇyra öçdi.There's a power cut.
çyrlamakvto cry lightly; weep bitterly, cry
çyrpmakvto rinse (linen)
çyrşakndirtüst-başy çyrşak çagaa really dirty child
çyrşamakv1to streak, soil, dirtyüstüňe çyrşamakto make oneself dirtyeliňi çyrşamakto soil one's handscolloq2to write, graffitihatjagaz çyrşamakto write a letterÇaga kitabyň ýüzüni çyrşapdyr.The front of the book has been covered with graffiti.
çyzgyndrawingçyzgy kagyzydrawing paperçyzgy sapagy
çyzmakv1to draw, draw a lineplan çyzmakto draw up a planaşagyny çyzmakto underlineTäze sözleriň aşagyny çyzyň.Underline the new words.kagyzyň ýüzüne çyzmak2cross_outŞol söz çyzmaly.That word needs to be crossed out.
çyzykn1lineçyzyk geçirmekto cross the lineçyzyk näme (üçin) geçdiň?Why did you cross the line?2dash, hyphenkese çyzykhyphenuzyn kese çyzyk(long) dashgrammar