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şolcfşondaşondanPronounthat oneşol oglanthat boyşol wagtat that time, thenşol taýda(over) thereşonythat oneşondawhen, at the time whenşondanfrom then, from this time (on)şondan köp wagt geçmänkäsome time laterşondan soňafter this/thatŞondan soň ol täze jaý saldy.After that he built a new house.şonuň üçinthereforeşol that moment
şonçaadvso much, so many
şondacfşolşondanthen, at that timeşonda-daeven so
şondancfşolşondafrom then
şonuňthat'sşonuň üçincomp.therefore
şorşo:radjsalty, saltedşorjatoo salty
şorlamakto be salianised
şowhunnshouts of celebration, hubbub
şowlyadjlucky, successful, fortunate
şöhlatcfkolbasansalami, cooked sausage
şöhlen1ray, beamgün şöhlesisunbeam2radiotherapy, radiation therapy
şöhlelenmekvto shine ??
şöhratşöhra:tadj1glory, fame, renown2reputation
şöhratlandyrmakşöhra:tlandyrmakvto glorify, bring glory to, bring fame to, make famous
şöhratlanmakşöhra:tlanmakvto become famous, be renowned, be glorified
şpilkanhairpin, bobby pin
şriftcfýazuwn1font, type-face, type2script
şuPronounthis oneşunyşu taýdahere (location)şu ýerdehereşu güntodayşu wagtdanowş.m. (şuňa meňzeş)etc. (et cetera); and so forth
şuglanlight, brightness
şunlukdaadvso, like this, and soşunlukda ikinji meselä geçýärisso, let's move onto the second question