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žetonže'tonntoken, counterDisneýe gidenimizde, biz on sany žeton satyn aldyk.When we go to the Disney we bought ten token.
žurnaln1magazine, (academic) journalBiziň ýurdumyzda iňlis dilinde hem žurnal çykyp başlady.The magazine is started to publish in English too in our country.2registerBiziň institutymyzda gijä galan talyplary bellige alyş žurnaly bar. We have a register note of students who is late in our Institute.of pupils
žurnalistžurna'listnjournalistGeçen hepde Aşgabatda daşary ýurt žurnalistleri bilen duşuşyk bolddy.Last week there was a meeting with foreign journalists in Ashgabat.