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altynumsixaltylykcard with a six on it, a six
altyn1ngold2adjgoldenaltyn ortalykcomp.happy medium, golden mean
altynjy günnSaturday
aluw-satuwntrade, commerce, buying and selling
alyhezretadj(your) majesty
alyjenaplykn1loftiness, elevation2reverence
alyjyncustomer, buyer, purchaser; shopper
alyma:lym1nscientist2adjacademic, scholar3adjscientific4adjlearnedalym adamlearned personAlym bolmak aňsat, adam bolmak kynsay.To be a scholar is easy, but to be a wise person is difficult
alymlyka:lymlykadj1scientific2academicOl alymlyk derejesini aldy.He obtained a post-graduate degree.inanimate
alyna:lynn1foreheadSeniň edeniň öz alnyňa geler.What you do will come back to you.Alnyň açyk bolsun!Blessings be upon you!2in frontOkuwçy mugallymyň alnyna geçip oturdy.The student passed by the front of the teacher and sat down.alnyndan come just at the right momentmetonymy
alynmakv1to be takenŞu ýyl ýerden gowy hasyl alyndy.This year a good harvest was taken in from the land.alynma söza loan word2to buy for oneselfÖzüme täze palto alynmak isleýärin.I would like to buy myself a new coat.dyngata alynmakunspec. comp. formvpause
alyp gaýtmakvto fetch, bring
alyp gelmek2vto bring, come bringing something
alysnremote, far, distantAlys ýoldan geldim.I came a long way to get here.alysdain the distance
alyş-çalyşnbarter, exchangealyş-çalyş etmekexchange
alyşmakv1to barterBiz türkler bilen haryt alyşýarys.We barter goods with some Turks.2to exchangehat alyşmakto exchange lettersBiz özara maglumat alyşýarys.We share information amongst ourselves.sözüň alyşmakto have a meaningful conversation
amsp. var. ofhem
amalnmethod, wayamal fulfil, to complete, to accomplishamala aş be fulfilled, to be accomplished, to be carried outamala aş fulfil, to complete, to accomplish
amanama:n1adjsafe2advunharmed, safe, healthyaman ýaşamakto live in peace and safety
aman-sagama:n-sagcfsag-amanadvsafe and soundMeniň doganym gullukdan aman-sag geldi.My brother got back safely from the army.
amanatn1savingsamanat depderçesisavings book2someone else's, another's, something borrowedMen goňşymdan paltany amanat aldym.I borrowed an axe from my neighbour.3safe-keepingOl gymmatly şaý-seplerini maňa amanat goýdy.He brought his expensive jewellery to me for safe-keeping.amanadyny tabş pass away, to die
amatlya:matly1adjconvenient, comfortable, suitable2advcomfortably, convenientlyamatly pursatconvenient time