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amatsyza:matsyz1adjinconvenient, unsuitable, uncomfortable2advuncomfortably, inconveniently
ammarn1barnGalla we kartoşka aýry-aýry ammarda saklanýar.Grain and potatoes are stored in different barns.2shedGerekmejek zatlar ammara taşlandy.Unnecessary things were thrown in the shed.
Amyderýaa:myderýa:cfJeýhunnAmu Darya (Oxus)a river running through Central Asia, including Turkmenistan
anaPronounthere, here
anekdotanek'dotcfşorta sözcomp. ofsöznanecdote, story, joke
antnoathant içmekto swearAnt içip, awy ýalady.comp.He swore a solemn oath.
antennaan'tennanaerial, antennahemra antennasysatellite antenna
anykadjaccurate, exact, clear; accurately
anyklamakvto make clear, find out, elucidate, ascertain
anyklyknexactness, precision, accuracyKanunda anyklyk gerek.Laws must be exact.
a:ňnmind, brainaň, enlightenment, knowledgeOkuwçylaryň aň-bilimlerini uniwersitete girmezden ozal barlaýarlar.The students are tested on their knowledge before they enter University.aň-düşünjecomp.outlook, horizon
aňalmakvto be surprised, be struck, be astonished
aňknsurprise, astonishmentaňk bolmakto be astonished
aňk-taňksurpriseaňk-taňk be dumbfounded, surprised, taken abackGözel gyzy gören ýigit aňk-taňk bolupdyr.When the boy saw the beautiful girl, he was star-struck.
aňkarmakvto gape (at)
aňlamaka:ňlamakvto understand ; fathom, guess, make out
aňlatmaa:ňlatman1expression, phraselingwistik aňlatmalarlinguistic phrases2formula, taskmatematiki aňlatmalarmathematical formulas