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arassaçylykn1cleanliness, cleanness, neatnessjemgyýetçilik arassaçylygypublic cleanliness2purity, innocenceArassaçylyk düzgünini berjaý ediň!Carry out (cleaning according to) the hygenic regulations!
arassalamakvto clean, refine, brush; peel, scrapepile arassalamakto clean silkworm cocoons (in preparation for making thread)
arassalanmakvto be cleaned, be refined
arassalaýjyncleaner, refinerypagta arassalaýjy zawodcotton refining plant
arçanjuniper (bush, tree)täze ýyl arçasycomp.Christmas treeIf people celebrate with a fir tree, they probably celebrate New Year's Eve, which was a popular festival during Soviet times.
arçamakvto clear away
arçynnvillage elder
ardynjyramakvto clear one's throat
argyna:rgynadjtired, worn outargyn görünmekto look tired
argynlyka:rgynlykntiredness, fatigueargynlyk duýmakto feel relaxed
arka1postback, behindarkam agyrýarback painarkaňda götermekto carry (a child or things) on one's back2nrearöýüň arkasyrear of a houseoturgyjyň arkasychair back3nreversemedalyň arka ýüzithe reverse side of a medal; the 'tails' side of a coin4nsupportOnda arka ýok.He has no support/backing. (political, financial, family)Ol arka durjak.He will provide support.Ol kakasynyň pulunyň arkasyndan instituty tamamlady.He completed his studies at university thanks to the help of his father's bribes.He bribed his way through university with his father's help.arka tapmakto find support, find a sponsor5ngenerationýedi arkaňy tanamakto know seven generations [of ancestors]arkasyndan gürrüňini talk behind someone's back
arkadagnprotector, supporter, one who helps and protects
arkadaýançnsupport, patron, protector
arkalanmakvto rely on, hope
arkalaşmakvto help each other, support each other, assist, render
arkalaşyknmutual assistancearkalaşyk etmekhelp each other
arkaly1adjsupportivearkaly athonoured name (named in honour of s.o.)Ol mätäçler üçin arkaly ýolbaşçydy.He is indispensable to the poor. (instead of 'indispensable to', maybe 'philanthropist for' or 'supporter of'?)arkaly adamperson who supports (a person or project)2postby, with the help ofradio arkalyby radioUzakdaky zady dürbi arkaly görüp bolýar.One may see far into the distance with the help of binoculars.gazet arkalyby newspapertelewideniýe arkalyby television (broadcast)Arkaly köpek gurt alarsay.If one has financial support, one can do what one wants
arkaýynadjpeaceful, calm, tranquil, quiet, serenearkaýyn bolmakto not be worriedarkaýyn dynç almakto have peaceful rest
arkaýynlaşmakv1to calm down, relaxOl öýüne gelip arkaýynlaşdy.He relaxed when he came home.2to rely onMen saňa arkaýynlaşyp, uly işe başladym.I'm depending upon you to help get this project done.
arkaýynlykn1calmness, peacefulness, quietnessÇaýy arkaýynlyk bilen içmeli.Tea should be drunk calmly.Işimi tamamlamsoň, maňa arkaýynlyk aralaşdy.After I finished my work, a calmness came over me.2confidence