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at2atnhorseat çapmakto race a horse (fig. and lit.)at ýatakhorse stable, stallat göçümia turn (in chess)at güýjihorse powerat ýüzlihorse-shaped face (oval, long face)atyň gulagy ý have horse ears (small in size)
at-abraýa:t-a:braýnname, reputationat-abraý gazanmakto improve one's reputation
atan1grandfather (paternal); forefather2ancestorsAtasyz toýda ýetim, enesiz günde ýetim.One is an orphan at weddings without a father, but one is an orphan every day without a mother.ata-babaancestors, forefathersata nesihatyfather's commandments3fatherene-ataparentsliteraryatalar sözicomp.words of wisdom, sayings, proverbsliteraryatam döwründen galancomp.left from the time of our ancestorsleft from modern uncle (war medals, etc.)atam öý father's houseused by a bride who has left home to live with her in-lawsAtasyz oglan ýetim, enesiz oglan ýesirsay.A man without a father is an orphan, a man without a mother is completely alone
atalamakvto be difficult, behave obtrusively
atanakn1(diagonal) crossatanak çekmekto cross out, negateMugallym okuwçynyň öý işine atanak çekdi.The teacher crossed out the student's homework.Çaga atanak çyzyklary çekýär.The child is drawing crossed lines.2two metre measuring stickatanak ç drop, stop seeingOl täze dostuna atanak çekdi.She dropped her new friend.
atarmakvto give, donahar atarmakto put the food on to heat up
atçylyknhorse-breedingatçylyk fermastud farm
atelýeatel'ýen1studiosurat atelýesiphoto studio2dressmakers, tailorsgeýim atelýesiclothes tailor
atlandyrmaka:tlandyrmakvto name, give a name to someone, call
atlanmak1a:tlanmakvto become famous
atlanmak2atlanmakvto mount (e.g., a horse)
atly1atlyn1horsemanatly adamhorse rider2on horsebackMen daga atly gitdim.I ride on horseback in the mountains.Görogly kyrk atly bilen duşmany gaýtarýar.The legendary hero fought off forty mounted enemies.
atly2a:tlyadj1named, known as2famous, well-knownatly aýdymçyfamous singer
atmakv1to shootýaýdan ok atmakto shoot an arrowPuşkini Dantes atdy.Dantes shot Pushkin.kök atmakto dartsewing2to throwegniňe ýaglyk atmakto wrap a shawl around one's shoulders3to sprinkle4to arriveOl ýüki ýere atdy.He plunked the things onto the ground.dawn5to nod one's headbaş atmakto nod one's headhaýbat atmakto speak sternlygözüne çöp atmakto only show/tell partially so faults are not noticablenon-verbal greeting
atom'atomnatomatom agramyatomic weightatom tok stansiýasynuclear power station
atşynasatşyna:snhorseman, jockey
atymna pinchbir atym duza pinch of saltok atym aralyka very close place
atyşyknskirmish, shooting, fightingiki taraplaýyn atyşykfighting on both sides