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atyşyknskirmish, shooting, fightingiki taraplaýyn atyşykfighting on both sides
atyznbed, stripýeri atyzlara bölmekto divide the plot of land into beds
awa:wngame, preyaw awlamakto hunt, go huntingaw bolmakto get hurtAw ganly bolmakTo be successful (in the hunt)Aw ganly bol-a?Did you kill any game?Aw ganly bola!Have a good hunt!for the hunter to become the hunted!
awamaka:wamakvto burn, hurt, acheElim üşäp awaýar.My hands are stinging from the cold.Oňa ýüregim awaýar.My heart aches for him.ýürek regret, feel sorry for.Oňa ýüregiň awamasyn. Oňa geregem şol.Don't feel sorry for him. He deserved it.Meniň indi ähli diýen zadyma ýüregim awaýar.I now regret all the things I said.
awansa'wansnprepaymentawans almakto get a salary advance
awlamaka:wlamakvto huntaw awlato hunt game
awtomaşynawtomaşy:ncfawtoulagnautomation, auto-mobile, motor-car
awtomatawto'matn1sub machine-gun, automatic rifleawtomatdan ot açmakto open fire2automatic machine, slot-machinetelefon awtomatpay phone
awtomatikadjautomaticawtomatik aragatnaşyk merkeziautomatic communications centrei.e. you don't have to ask someone to make the call for you and pay up front for it
awtomobilawtomo'bilncar, auto-mobile
awtonomawto'nomadjautonomousawtonom welaýatautonomous region
awtor'awtorcfýazyjynauthorBu romanyň awtory Berdi Kerbabaýew.The author of this novel is Berdy Kerbabajev.
awulamaka:wulamakvto poisonmör-möjegi awulamakto poison insects
awulya:wulyadjpoisonous, toxic, venomousawuly maddapoisonous substanceawuly dilvenomous/biting tongueawuly sowukbiting cold
awundyrmaka:wundyrmakvto hurt
awya:wy1npoison, toxin, toxic substanceAlakany awy bilen öldürmeli.The rats must be killed with poison.2adjsevereÝaranyň awusywdan, çaga aglady.The child cried from the severe pain of the wound.
a:ýn1monthBir ýylda on iki aý bar.A year has twelve months.2moonýaz aýlaryspring months/season; moontäze Aýnew moonOl Aý ýaly gyz.She is a beautiful girl.Aý gören ýalycomp.moonstruck, dumb with amazementÝigit gyza Aý gören ýaly, agzyny açyp seretdi.The young man stared at the girl with his mouth open, as though moonstruck.Aý tutulmagylunar eclipse