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açyşndiscovery, findTäze programmany öwrenmeklik meniň durmuşymda açyş boldy.To learn a new [computer] program was a discovery in my life.açyş discoverÇarlz Darwin biologiýa ylmynda iňňän möhüm açyş etdi.Charles Darwin made momentous discoveries in biology.
adaa:danislandTürkmenistanda adalar az.There are not many islands in Turkmenistan.
adaglya:daglyadjengagedZöhre-Tahyr çagalykdan biri-birine adagly bolupdyrlar.Zohre and tahyr were engaged to each other during childhood.
adalatada:latnjustice, fairnessBiziň ýurdumyz adalat ýoluny alyp barýar.Our country implements just policies.
adalatlyada:latlyadjjust, fair
adalatlylykada:latlylyknjustice, fairness
adalatsyzada:latsyzadjunjust, unfair
adalganterm, name
adama:damn1man, humanonuň adamyhis man, he belongs to himAdam - Hudaýyň ýerde iň beýik ýaradan jandary.Human being - the greatest of God's creatures on earth.2husbandonuň adamsyher husbandcolloqadam behave like a humanadam etmekcomp.1to bring up (children)Çagany adam edýänçäň, saçyň agaryp, dişiň dökülýär.By the time you've brought up your children, your hair is white and your teeth have fallen out.2to train, apprenticeOl öz inisini biznes işine çekip, ony adam etdi.He brought his younger brother into the business and trained him.
adamkärçilika:damkärçiliknkindness, humane treatmentthe way someone treats someone else, the way human beings treat one another
adamkärçiliksiza:damkärçiliksizadjinhumane, not humane
adamlya:damlyadv1not alone, with people2populated
adamzata:damza:tnhumanity, humankind, people
adaptirlemekadap'tirlemekvto adapt
adata:datn1tradition, customTürkmenlerde ulyny sylamak adaty bar.Respect of one's elders is an important Turkmen tradition.2habitOl ir turmagy adat edinipdir.He has a habit of getting up early.adatdan daşarycomp.extraordinary, extreme, very unusualTomusda gar ýagmagy adatdan daşary ýagdaýdyr.It would be extraordinary to have snow in the summer.adatdan daşary ilçispecial envoy
adatçaa:datçaadvusually, ordinarily, as a rule
adatya:datyadjusual, ordinaryadaty wakathe way things are, the usual thing
adres'adrescfsalgynaddresse-hat adresie-mail address
adwokatadwa'katcfaklawçyndefence lawyer, barrister