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aýgytnboldness, courage, audacity
aýgytly1adjdecisive, courageous, daring, boldaýgytly ädimdecisive step2advdecisively
aýlaga:ýlagnbay, cove, creek; gulf
aýlamakv1to revolve, rotate, turnsagadyň dilini öňe aýlamakto turn the hands of a clock2to enclose, fence inmellegiň daşyna haýat aýlamakto fence in a plot of landýüküň daşyna ýüpto bind something with string ?3to showgelen myhmanlary bazara aýlamakto show guests which have come round the marketsürini yzyna aýlamakto bring sheep/goats back in from the pasture
aýlanmakv1to revolve, rotateÝer öz okunyň daşyndan aýlanýar.The Earth revolves on its axis.2orbitÝer Günüň daşyndan ýylda bir gezek aýlanýar.The Earth orbits the sun once a year.baş aýlanmakto be dizzy3to turnMaşyn çatrykdan aýlandy.The car is turning the corner.4to turn roundMaşyn yzyna aýlandy.The car made a U-turn.Ol akylyna aýlandy.He has come back to his senses.5to walk about, wander round, go roundAdamlar ýuwaş-ýuwaşdan parkda aýlanýarlar.People wandered round the park.6to call roundişsiz aýlanmakto hang around aimlessly
aýlawn1circuit, lapOkuwçylar stadionda bir aýlaw etdiler.The students ran one lap around the stadium.2ring, circleOglanlar aýlawyň içinde göreş tutýarlar.The boys are wrestling in the ring.Adamlar oduň daşynda aýlaw gurap oturdyrlar.The people sat in a circle around the fire.3environs, surrounding area
aýlawlyadjsinuous, tortuous, twistingaýlawly ýoltwisting roadaýlawly gürrüňto tip-toe around an issue, beat around the bush, not say something straight out
aýlyka:ýlykn1(monthly) salary, wage, pay packetaýlyk zähmet hakyworking wages2for a month, a month'sOl alty aýlyk göwreli.She has been pregnant six months.
aýmançaa:ýmançanfenceaýmança aýlamakto put up a fence
aýnaa:ýnanglassdöwülmeýän aýnaunbreakable glassjaýyň aýnasythe windows of a housecolloq
aýnalamaka:ýnalamakvto glazeäpişgeleri aýnalamakto glaze the window-panes
aýnyadjexactly, quite
aýňalmakv1to recover, feel welldümewden aýňalmakto recover from a cold2to come to one's sensesHuşuny ýitiren zordan aýňaldy.It is difficult to come to one's senses after losing consciousness.
aýraadjseparately, apartaýlawly düşmekto be separated, fall away from
aýralyknseparation, being apart, parting, leave-takingaýralyk pursatycurrently apartaýralyk habarynews of leaving
aýrannayran - a drink made from soured milk Often yoghurt mixed with salt and water and drunk as a drink with kebabs or whatever.
aýratynaýraty:nadj1particular, special, unusualaýratyn saýlanmakto stand out2isolated, separateaýratyn otagseparate room, single room3speciallyaýratyn gowy görmekto favourOl ilden aýratynmy?Does she go off on her own (away from people)?
aýratynlykaýraty:nlykn1peculiarity, special featuretürkmen medeniýetiniň aýratynlyklaryTurkmen culture's special features2alone, on one's ownOl aýratynlykda çykyş eder.He is presenting alone.
aýryadvapart, separately
aýry-aýryadjvarious, differentŞol habara her kim aýry-aýry baha berdi.Everyone thought different thoughts about this news.
aýrylmakv1to be taken away, be separatedMiwesini göterip bilmedik şaha aýrylypdyr.The branch sags due to the weight of the fruit.2çagalaryň ýanyndan aýrylmakthe children were left alone3Watandan aýrylmakto immigrate4Men ol işden aýryldym.I was fired from that job.5Ol ärinden aýryldy.She divorced her husband.6Biziň garrymyz aýryldy.Our old man has left us.death7Baş aýlanmam aýryldy.My head is spinning. / I'm dizzy.
aýrylyşmakvto get divorced, become separated
aýşy-eşretnpleasant, pleasantly; happily
aýtmakcfaýdylmakv1to tell, speak, say, pronouncesözi harp boýunça aýtmakto spell out a wordhabaryňy aýtmakto tell newserteki aýtmakto tell a storyonuň aýtmagy boýunçaaccording to what s/he said2singaýdym aýtmakto sing a song