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aýyl-saýyladjclearaýyl-saýyl bolmakto be clear, become clearaýyl-saýyl etmekto distinguish, differ, make out
aýylgançadjterrible, frightful, fearful, dreadfulaýylganç habarbad newsaýylganç düýşbad dreamaýylganç sesterrible voice
aýypnshame, infamy, disgraceaýyp sözshaming wordIşsiz oturmak aýyp.It's shameful to sit without work.Garyplyk aýyp däl.Poverty is not a disgrace/shame.aýyby ýokcomp.It doesn't matter.; blamelessaýybyňy yaş hide one's shameto cover up one's mistakes ; to pretend it's not your fault
aýyplamakvto accuse, blame, set the blame (on)Ony para alandygy üçin aýypladylar.He is disgraced because he took a bribe.
aýyplanmakvto be guilty
aýyplaýjyn1accuser, prosecutor2accusing, accusatoryaýylplaýjy delilincriminating evidence
aýyplyadj1conscientiousaýyply adamconscientious person2carrying the blame (for something)Tebigata zyýan getirenler aýyplydyrlar.People who damage things without conscience.
aýypsyzadj1without any shame (on him/her)Çaga aýypsyz ynsan.A child is without pretence.2blamelessHiç aýypsyz adam ýok.No person is without sin.
aýyrmakv1to removePili ýoluň üstünden aýyrmak gerek.We need to remove the spade from the road.gulluk wezipesinden aýyrmakto remove from government service2to take awayodun aýyrmakto take away somethingçagany süýtden aýyrmakto wean a child3to separateaýalyny ärinden aýyrmakto separate a wife from her husband4to subtract; to subtract, take away, take, minusAltydan ikini aýyrmaksubtract two from sixaýyrmak belgisiminus signmathematicsabraýdan aý disgraceOl ogurlyk edip, tutuş maşgalamyzy abraýdan aýyrdy.By stealing he disgraced our whole family.
aýyrtmakvto have something removedçagany aýyrtmakto have an abortion
aýyryşmakvto separate, get divorced
aza:zadva few, not enough, too littleOl mydama az iýýär.He never eats mukdardasmall quantity (weight)az salyma little while, a short time (as in a few days)az sanlya fewaz wagtdain a bit, soon (as in minutes)az galdya few/little leftaz-owlak1comp.a:z-owlakadjlittle, some, fewMaňa az-owlak pul gerek.I need a little money.
az-azdana:z-a:zdanadvlittle by little, gradually, a bit at a timesuwy az-azdan içmekto drink water a bit at a time
az-owlak2a:z-owlakadja little bit, someMaňa az-owlak pul gerek.I need a little bit of money.
azajyka:zajykadva little
azalmaka:zalmakvto reduce, lessen, decreaseOtlynyň gelmegine wagt azalýar.There's not much time until the train comes.
azaltmaka:zaltmakvto reduce, decrease
azalyaza:lyadjpainfulazaly ýarapainful wound
azanaza:nncall to prayerIslam
azapaza:pn1torment, tortureAzapsyz ýeňiş ýok.No pain, no gain.azap çekmekto suffer2trouble, painsMen ondan köp azap gördüm.I have seen more suffering than s/he has.azap ç tortureto make someone suffer
azaraza:rn1persecutionazar bermekto bother, persecute2troubleazara goýmakto give someone a lot of troubleazara galmakdon't trouble yourself3sufferingazar çekmekto sufferOnuň azaryna-da däl.comp.It's all the same to him.