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azaşdyrmaka:zaşdyrmakvto misdirect, make someone lose their way, throw off
azaşmaka:zaşmakv1to lose one's way, get lostBiz gijelikde azaşdyk.We got lost at night.2to loseakyldan azaşmakcomp.1to lose consciousness; to lose one's mind2to lose one's reason, to go insaneAýal çagasy ölenden soň, akylyndan azaşdy.The woman lost her reason after the death of her child.azaşancomp.adjstray, lostazaş goýunthe lost sheepbozgaklaryň yzyna düşüp azaşan adamhe joined the rioters and became bad tooAzaşan ýoluny tapar.comp.The lost will find their way.sözi azaş be at a loss for words
azataza:tadjfreeazat ýurtfree countryazat etmekto free, set free, release, emancipateazat edijirescuer, deliverer, emancipatorazat edijilikli hereketliberation movement
azdyrmaka:zdyrmakvruin, spoil, allow to become infected; to tempt, enticeçagany azdyrmakto spoil the childýarany azdyrmakto allow a wound to become infected
AzerbaýjanA:zerbaýja:nnAzerbaijanAzerbaýjan diliAzerbaijani, Azeri
Azerbaýjanlya:zerbaýja:nlynAzerbaijani, Azeri
azgyn1a:zgynadjimmoral, corruptazgyn adamperson easily swayed to do wrongazgyn ýaravery "aggressive" wound that keeps spreading
azgyn2a:zgynna type of melonazgyn gawunmelon that spoils quicklyquick ripening or early melon
azgynlyka:zgynlyknprostitution, immorality, corruption
aziýalya:ziýalynan Asian (person)
azmaka:zmakvto corrupt, infect, become putridOl eline pul düşensoň azyp başlady.He is using his money corruptly (i.e., wasting it on harmful things like cigarettes).
azraka:zra:klessMyhmanlar azrak oturyp gitdiler.The few guests [who remained] got up and left.
azyka:zyknfood, provisionsazyk önümleriprocessed foodbir aýlyk azyka month's worth of provisions