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adyladjfair, justadyl sudcourt of justice
afrikalyadjAfrican (person)
agaa:gan1brother (older)2uncle; father's cousinolder male relatives on the father's side.3sirSen oňa 'Myrat aga' diýmeli, ol senden uly.You need to call him 'Myrat aga' because he is older than you.used as a term of respect for an older man
agaçn1treemiweli we miwesiz agaçfruit and non-fruit trees2wood, board, beam, timberagaç esasy gurluşyk materialywood is a basic building materialagaç gapwooden dishesagaç ussasycomp.joiner, carpenter; luthierAýal doganym durmuşa çykanda agaç ussaň ýanyna baryp onuň oňaran iň owadan sandygyny aldyk.When my sister got married we went to see a carpenter and bought the most beautiful chest.Mälik Gökje agaç ussasy, onuň oňaran dutarlary Mary iline belli.Malik Gokje is a luthier and the dutars he makes are well known to folk in Mary.telefon agajycomp.telegraph pole
agajetliadjskinny, all skin and bones, bean pole
agalyka:galyknrule, reignagalyk etmekto rule autocraticallyTürkmenistanda ruslar agalyk sürdüler.The Russians ruled autocratically in Turkmenistan.
agarmaka:garmakv1to turn white, to lightenGüýzde gowaçalar agarýar.In the autumn cotton is white (for harvest).Onuň gorkudan ýüzi agardy.He is white with fear.Näsagyň reňki agardy.An ill person is pale.Men elli ýaşanymda, saçym agardy.When I was fifty, my hair turned grey.Iňglis dilini gowy öwrenmek üçin saçym agardy.Learning English well turned my hair grey.2to fadeKöýnek ýuwlup-ýuwlup agarypdyr.After washing repeatedly, the dress has faded.
agartmaka:gartmakcfaklamakv1whiten; to_bleachAýal adamsynyň köýnegini hlor bilen agartdy.The woman bleached her husband's shirt.2cleanSirke gülýakany agardýar.Vinegar cleans a traditional brooch.3to turn whiteAgyr durmuş onuň saç-sakgalyny agartdy.A difficult life has turned his hair and beard white.
agdar-düňdera:gdar-düňderagdar-düňder be in chaosHeläkçilikden soň, otlynyň içi agdar-düňder boldy.After the accident, the inside of the train was in chaos.agdar-düňder turn upside-downAýal gulakhalkasyny tapjak bolup, içerini agdar-düňder etdi.The woman turned her house upside-down looking for her ear ring.Ol goýan puluny gözläp, kitaby agdar-düňder etdi.He leafed wildly through the book to find the hidden money.
agdarmaka:gdarmakv1to turnGutap bişireniňde iki tarapyna agdyrmaly.When you cook gutap, you must turn them over.2to plough, turnýer adgarmakto plough the ground3to fell (a tree)Işçiler samany maşyndan agdardylar.The labourers threw the bales of straw down from the truck.4to flip throughkitap sahypalaryny agdarmak (gözden geçirmek)to flip through the pages of a book5to overturn, overthrowhäkimiýeti agdarmakto overthrow the government
agdarylmaka:gdarylmakv1to roll on topPişik iki ýana agdarylýar.The cats are rolling on top of each other.2to fall over, capsizeÝük gyşyk basylsa agdarylýar.If touched, an unbalanced load falls over.3to be overturnedMilletçiler häkimiýetden agdaryldy.The nationalists have been overturned by the government.
agdyka:gdykadjan excess, abundance (of something unwanted)Şu tomus çekirtgeler çakdan agdyk boldy.This summer the grasshoppers were extremely abundant.
agenta'gentnagentüpjünçilik agentiinsurance salesmanharby agentwar agent, spy
aglamaka:glamakvto cry, weep
aglaşmaka:glaşmakvto cry together
aglatmaka:glatmakvto make someone cry
agmaka:gmakv1to overflowSuw bentden agýar.Water is overflowing the dam.2to setGün öýleden agdy.The sun is setting.3to pass, go overOnuň ýaşy elliden agdy.He is over fifty years old.4to fallOl atdan agdy.He fell off the horse.
agramn1weightPiliň agramy üç tonnadan köp.An elephant's weight is more than three tonnes.Bu oýunda bar agram derwezeçä düşdi.The burden of this game falls on the goalie.2worst, bulkÝoluň agramy yzda galdy.The worst of the journey is behind us.
agramlyadjwith a weight (of)
agrasadj1seriousAgras häsiýet adamy bezeýär.A serious character adorns a man.2deliberatelyagras hereket etmekto do something (an action) deliberately3deepagras sesdeep voice