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agsaknlameSüri agsaksyz bolmazsay.There is no herd without a lame animal
agsamakv1be_lameOl aýagy döwleli bäri agsaýar.He's had a limp since he became lame.2to be weakOl iňlis dilinden agsaýar.English is his weakest subject (in school).iş agsaý is not going well (it is falling behind)Tehniki sebäplere görä, iş agsaýar.The work is not going well because of technical problems.
agşamadvevening, nightşu gün agşamtonight, this evening
agşamlyknsupper, evening meal, dinner
agtarmakvto look for, search for, seek
agtaryşadvsearch, excavation
agtykngrandchild i.e. a granddaughter or grandson
agya:gyn1weepingÇaganyň agy sesi eşidilýär.The child's weeping can be heard.2mourningagy etmekto mourn (crying out loud)3lament, song sung when sad or in mourningýürek agysycomp.a broken heartMen watandan aýrylyp, ýürek agysyny çekýän.When I left my country, my heart was broken.
agyla:gyln1sheepfold, animal pen2lunar haloMen aýyň agyllanyny gördüm.I saw the moon's halo.
agynadj1completelyOnuň eşikleri agyn öl bolupdyr.Her clothes were completely soaked.2to resemble exactlyOglan agyn atasy bolaýypdyr.The son is exactly like his father.
agyradj1heavyagyr ýüka heavy loadagyr jerimeheavy fine (monetary)2laboriousKömür gazmak örän agyr iş.Digging coal is very laborious work.3hardDost agyr günde tanalýar.A friend is for hard times.Urşuň agyr howpy abanýar.Hard times of war threaten us.4seriousSPID agyr ýokanç keseldir.HIV is a serious infectious disease.5unpleasantÇygly tamda agyr ys bolýar.Damp walls have an unpleasant smell.
agyrmaka:gyrmakvto hurt, ache
agyrtmaka:gyrtmakvto hurt, cause pain
agyrya:gyrynpain, ache
agyznmouthýolbarsyň agzylion's mouthköşgüň agzypalace drivewayMaýanyň maňa sögüşini agza alar ýaly däl.When Maya offended me, [what she said] was unrepeatable.Işanmyrat "merjen däneler" bäsleşdiginde birinji ýer alyp, bütin obaň agzynda boldy.When Ishanmyrat got the first place amongst the best students it was on the lips of the whole village.agyz make an alliance, to uniteEkologiýa barada Parlamentdäki partiýalara agyz birikdirmek başartmady.Parliament was not able to unite the parties over ecological issues.agyzdan agza geç pass from mouth to mouthBu habar agyzdan agza geçdi.This news arrived by word of mouth.agza aň gapeagza düş be gossiped aboutOl iliň agzyna düşdi.She became the object of gossip.agza stareEdara diňe başlygyň agzyna garaýar.The office staff only listen to the boss.Ol serhoş bolup, agza gelenini otardy.He got drunk and started saying the first thing that came into his head.agza öýkü impersonate, imitateagzy aşa ý begin a better life, to rise out of povertyKakam biznes işine başlansoň, biziň agzymyz aşa ýetdi.After my father began his business, our life improved.agzy be pregnantagzy boşcomp.1empty words, meaningless prattlebaşy boş2empty words, nonsenseBaharyň aýdanyna seretme, onuň agzy boş.Don't listen to her, she's talking nonsense.agzy hapacomp.uses bad languageagzy ýelli adamcomp.a teller of tall talesagzyna berkcomp.good at keeping secretsagzyna pugtacomp.good at keeping secretsagzyna suw alan ý be silent when one should speakagzyndan gaç let an insult or secret slip outagzyndan süýt ysy be green, inexperienced, wet behind the earsagzyny find out what someone thinks indirectlyagzynyň diýenini gulagy eş speak nonsenseagzynyň eýesi dälcomp.a gossip, unable to keep secrets, a blabbermouth, a tattle taleagzyň tagam begin to live well, to get used to something, to like something, to long for somethingagzyňy açaýmacomp.Keep quiet!agzyňy deň descend to someone's levelSen bu serhoş bilen agzyňy deňeme.Do not let your speech go down to the level of this drunkard.
agyz ýarmakto reveal, cough upÇeker meň syrymy hemmeleriň ýanynda agyz ýardi.Cheker revealed my secret to everyone.
agzaagza:n1member of an organization; user of a web-siteMen tebigaty goraýjylaryň guramasyna agza boldum.I was a member of an environmental protection organization.agza adyusername2organ, memberAdamyň eli onuň bedeniniň bir agzasydyr.A person's arm is a part of their body.3phrase, clause, constituent membersSözlemiň esasy agzasy näme?What are the main constituent members of this sentence?grammar
agzalaagza:laadjdisunited, in conflict
agzalalykcfkonfliktnconflict, clash
agzalmakvto be mentioned
agzamakvto talk about something, discuss
agzybiragzybi:radjfriendly; united, harmonious