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agzybirlikagzybi:rlikn1friendship, harmony2unity, unanimity, concord
ah1a:hnmoan, groanah çekmekto moan, to groan
ah2interjexpresses regret, annoyance etc.
ahalnAhalAhal welaýatyThe Ahal provinceahal-tekecomp.adjthe Ahal-Teke tribeahal-teke atyAhal-Teke horse(s)
ahbetinahbeti:nparticleafter allat-da adam ahbetina horse is also a person, after all
ahlakahla:knmoralahlak taýdanmorally speakingYnsan ahlagy arassa bolmaly.A person should be morally pure.
ahlaksyzahla:ksyzadjimmoral, depraved
ahlakyahla:kyadjmoral, upright, well-behaved
ahmyrnregret, pityahmyr etmekto regret, be sorryahmyr çekmekto regret, be sorry
ahrydial. var. ofahyryncomp. ofahyry
ahuna:hu:nnsenior priest, Islamic scholar
ahwalahwa:lna person's conditionSeniň ahwalyň nähili?How are you doing?
ahwalatahwa:latn1phenomenonUçýan tarelkalar düşündirip bolmajak ahwalat.Flying saucers are an inexplicable phenomenon.2visionahwalat görmekto have a vision3adverbial modifiergrammar
ahy-zara:hy-za:rngroaning, mourning, cry, lament
ahyr1a:hyrnthe endkitabyň ahyryend of a book
ahyr2a:hyrnfood trough, manger
ahyreta:hyretnthe afterlife
ahyrsoňya:hyrsoňyconjunctionin the end, finally
ahyrya:hyry:particleafter allBu seniň çagaň ahyryn!So this is your child!Sen geldiň ahyry!So you came after all!ahyryncomp.a:hyry:ndial. var.ahryadvin the endMen awtobus üçin köp garaşdym. Ahyry pyýada gitdim.I waited a long time for the bus. In the end I went by foot.
ahyrzamana:hyrzama:nnthe end times, end of the world, last judgement