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ajamaka:jamakvto turn bitter, go off, turn sour, fermentHamyr köp durup ajapdyr.The dough stood so long it went sour.Yssyda galan miwe ajapdyr.In the heat, the remaining fruit spoiled.
ajatmaka:jatmakvto make something bitter, make something strong
ajaýypaja:ýypadjwonderful, beautiful, fine, glorious
ajözea:jö:zeadvon an empty stomach
ajya:jyadj1bitter, sourajy sirkesour vinegarajy gözýasbitter tearsajy habarbitter news2spicy, hotfood3strong, stewedajy çaýstrong teateaajy sözcomp.hurtful thing(s), hateful word(s), insult(s)
ajy burça:jy burçnchilli pepper
ajykmaka:jykmakvto be hungry
aka:kadj1whiteMen ak içdim.I drank something white (milk, vodka...)ak goýunporkak ekincotton2innocentKazy, "Şu adam ak" didi.The judge said, "This man is innocent."Derňew onuň akdygyny subut etdi.The inquiry proved him to be innocent.ak altyncomp.cottonak demircomp.tinak goşgycomp.blank verseak göwünlicomp.1open-hearted2honestak patacomp.blessingap-akcomp.whiter than white
ak gunlarWhite Huns
akabaaka:bacfkanalizasiýa1adjflowing, runningakaba ýapfast flowing stream2nsewerage, drainageakaba sistemasysewers, drainage system
akademiýaaka'demiýanacademyTürkmenistanyň ylymlar akademiýasythe Turkmen Academy of Sciences
akarnstream, brook
akbaşa:kbaşna thistle, a useless plant with thorns
akdyrmakv1to let something flow, let something run, channel (a stream)Daýhan kölüň suwuny pese akdyrdy.The farm worker channelled the pond's water downhill.2to floatAdamlar agaçlary suwda akdyrýarlar.The men floated the logs downstream.
akgaýmaa:kgaýmanwhite embroidery
aklamaa:klamanfinal-draft, corrected draft
aklamaka:klamakcfagartmakv1to whiten, paint white, bleachBiz hek bilen haýaty akladyk.We white-washed the wall.2to acquit, absolveSuduň esasy wezipesi günäsizi aklamak.A judge's most important duty is to acquit the innocent.3to make something shineAýal kümüş çemçeleri sirke bilen aklady.The woman polished the spoons with vinegar.
aklanmaka:klanmakv1to be white-washed, dyed white, bleachedAklanan agaja gurçuk düşmeýär.A worm doesn't attack a white-washed tree.2to be justified, vindicated, be put right (with)Jezasyny çeken adam aklanýar.To vindicate someone who has been in prison.
aklawçya:klowjycfadwokatncouncil for the defence, barrister, advocate
akmak1vto flow, run
akmak2adjstupid, foolish
aksakgala:ksakgaln1respected man over fiftyÝigitler aksakgaly hormatlamaly.Young men must respect wise old men.2village elder