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aksiýa'aksiýan1a sharefinances2a strikeZawod işgärleri bir günlük aksiýa geçirdiler.The factory workers went on strike for a day.
aktýorn(film) actor
akylnreasonableness, rationality, good sense, sound judgement, clevernessÇaga bäş ýaşdan soň akyl gelýär.After the age of five children develop good sense.akyl give counsel (advice, correction)akyl dişicomp.wisdom toothakyl zähmeticomp.brain work, work that requires hard thinkingakyla sygmajak wakacomp.unbelievable eventakyldan azaşmakcomp.1to lose consciousness; to lose one's mind2to lose one's reason, to go insaneAýal çagasy ölenden soň, akylyndan azaşdy.The woman lost her reason after the death of her child.akyly goýalyş become a responsible adultakyly gözü know what one is going to do, to have a clear goalAlada etme, onuň akyly gözünde.Don't worry, s/he knows what to do.akyly keltecomp.lacking intellect, not very smartakyly ý come to realise somethingakylyna aý realise the error of one's waysAkylyna aýlanan ata maşgalasyna dolandy.The father realized the error of his ways and returned home.akylyny take a liking to something, to fancy somethingTäze sport maşyny ýigidiň akylyny aldy.The young man fancied a new sports car.akylyň çaş be at a loss about what to doakylyňy ý lose one's mindakyl ý comprehend, understand, grasp
akyl-huşakyl-hu:şnstate of mind, sense of reason; consciousnessBu gyz meniň akyl-huşumy aldy.That girl has made me lose all sense of reason.Serhoş bolup akyl-huşuny ýitirdi.He got drunk and lost consciousness.
akyldarakylda:rnthinker, wise person
akyllanmakv1to be wise, become wise, be cleverÇaga ösdügiçe akyllanýar.As children grow up they become wiser.2to come to one's senses
akyllyadjsensible, clever, rational, reasonable, wise, well-behavedAkylly öwrenjek bolar, akylsyz öwretjek bolarsay.A wise person wants to be taught, but a fool wants to teach.
akyllylyknwisdom, good sense, cleverness
akylsyzadjfoolish, stupid, irrational, unreasonable, irresponsible
akymn1current, flowÝurduň ykdysady akymy pese gidýär.The country's economy is going downhill.Müdir işi öz akymyna goýberdi.The manager worked at his own pace.2courseSuwuň akym ugry mydama pese tarap.Water always flows downhill.3trend
akytmakvto wet, make wet, pour water onto something
akýüreklia:kýürekliadvdo something with all one's heart
al1a:lhighest, very high, the heightGün al-asmana çykdy.The sun rose to its highest point.
al2a:lnbright red, scarletal ýaglykred headscarf
alaa:laadj1variegatedala güjükpuppy of more than one colour, usually black and whiteala köýneka multi-coloured dress2to be unevenly cookedPalaw ala gataly bişipdir.The pilau was unevenly cooked.riceala favour, show preference forBaşlyk öz işgärlerini ala tutýar.The boss treats some of his workers preferentially.relationships
alabahara:labaharadvearly spring, when spring breaks
alabaýnsheep dog, alabaya breed of large, white, sheepdog bred in Turkmenistan
alabedera:labederadj1piebald, patchy, spottedalabeder güjükspotted dog2checkalabeder köýnekcheck shirt
alaçala:çnway out, solution