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alaçsyzala:çsyzadj1forcedalaçsyz ýagdaýforced situation; no choice in the matter; between a rock and a hard place2hopeless, desperateMen berhizi alaçsyz tutýaryn.I have to keep to my diet.
alaçsyzlykala:çsyzlyknhopelessness, desperation
aladacfncare, worry, anxiety, trouble, problemiş-aladacomp.i:ş-aladai:ş-alada1work and thingsiş köp.There is a lot of work to be done.2alada köp.There is lots of work to be done.
alada etmekvto worry, have cares, be anxious, be troubled
aladaçylna caring person
aladalanmakvto take care of, look after, worry about
aladalyadj1troubled, anxious, worriedaladaly adamrestless personaladaly işstressful work2careful, thoughtful
alagaraňkya:lagaraňkyadjtwilight, dusk, dawn
alahöwrena:lahöwrennviper, adder
alakanrat, gopher
alamatala:matn1signaýyrmak alamatyminus signgoşmak alamatyplus sign2symbolAk kepderi - parahatçylyk alamaty.A white dove is a symbol of peace.3omen
alamatlandyrmakala:matlandyrmakvto mean, signifyOl görkeziji ýoluň howpludygyny alamatlandyrýar.That road sign indicates danger.
alanlarnthe Alansan ancient nomadic tribe
alapanreserve, spare
alarmaka:larmakvto shine, glitter, sparkle (e.g. eyes)Ol gyza alaryp galdym.I looked at the girl with starry eyes.
alartmaka:lartmakvto stare, look at someone with evil intentgözüňi alartmakto stare at someone
alarylmaka:larylmakvto be looked at with evil intentNäme maňa alarylýaň?Why are you staring at me?
alasarmyka:lasarmykadjobscure, vague
albomal'bomnalbum, sketch-book
alçandamsona small kind of plum
aldamaka:ldamakvdeceive, swindle, cheat ; lie
aldanmaka:ldanmakvto be deceived, be cheated; to be disappointed